Software API

The Opsoro platform is designed to be easy to extend, both hardware-wise as well as software-wise. The software platform borrows ideas from the app-paradigm on smartphones and tablets, where the functionality of the software is split up into task-specific apps. The Opsoro-OS comes with a number of default apps, covering a variety of use basic use cases. However, this may not be enough for everyone, so the true potential of the software can be unlocked by writing your own custom app.

The source code of the Opsoro software can be found on GitHub inside the OPSORO/OS repository. The back-end of Opsoro software is written in Python using the wonderful Flask web framework. The front-end of the software is built upon the Foundation framework. Interactive components are created using jQuery and Knockout.js.

An Opsoro app is a self-contained python module placed in the opsoro/apps/ folder. This module contains python code, the HTML templates, and any other required web assets. The software documentation of Opsoro is still work-in-progress. A step-by-step tutorial to write an app is not yet available. However, take a look at the app template to see a bare-bones example of an app. The full API documentation, generated from the python source code, can be found here.

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