Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use OPSORO if there is no WiFi available?

Yes. When not connected to the internet, you can use OPSORO in 'local'mode. This means that the heart will function as a hot-spot and emit a WiFi signal all by itself.

Can I use OPSORO if I don't have any OPSORO hardware?

Yes. Go to our website and navigate to the tab 'Play'. After registration you will have access to the online platform, where you can display a virtual robot model.

Can I use Arduino or other 3rd party equipment/sensors?

Yes. The OPSORO shield gives you the ability to connect all kinds of different 3rd party equipment like: temperature sensors, makey makeys, arduinos, ...

Is it easy to make my own skin?

Yes, depending on the level of detail you want to put into it. A cardboard 2D skin is typically made in less than 2 hours (from age 6). A Lasered skin can be designed and prototyped in 1 day (from age 16). You should at least calculate a full-time week to design a 3D textile robot (16+).

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