Camera module

The camera module gives your Opsoro robot the ability to see! Useful for all sorts of computer vision applications, such as motion detection or face recognition. The camera has a wide field of view and the tilt can be adjusted by approximately 30°.

Parts needed

Tools needed

Assembly instructions

Step 1

Use diagonal cutters to remove the border from the rest of the camera printed circuit board.

Step 2

Start with the back plate. Mind the orientation of the rectangular opening.

Step 3

Put the mid plate on top of it. Again, mind the orientation.

Step 4

Put the camera PCB on top of the mid plate. The camera connector should fit in the rectangular opening of the bottom plate.

Step 5

Put the top plate over the camera. Mind the orientation of the small slot, this should fit over the pins of the connector.

Step 6

Secure everything in place using two M3x10 screws. They should screw directly into the bottom plate.

Do not over-tighten the screws. Plastic threads are not as strong as metal threads.

Step 7

Insert an M3 nut into the back frame plate of the module. Clip the side frame plate into position to secure the nut in place.

Step 8

Repeat the same for the opposite side of the frame.

Step 9

Attach the cable to the connector at the back of the camera PCB.

The connector is keyed, so there's only one way to connect the cable.

Step 10

Slip the camera board subassembly into the module frame.

Step 11

Insert two M3 nuts into the rectangular openings in front of the module. Secure them in place using two M3x10 screws at the sides of the module. These two screws allow you to adjust the tilt angle of the module. The camera module is now ready for use!

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