LED matrix module

This module is still under development. Instructions are incomplete and the PCB design still needs work. Proceed with caution.

A module with a 8x8 pixel LED matrix display. The matrix itself is 32×32 mm large and multiple modules can be tiled together to form an arbitrarily large display. The module can be attached to the grid using 2 M3x10 cap screws and connects to the Raspberry Pi via USB.

Parts needed

Tools needed

Assembly instructions

Step 1

Insert two M3 nuts into the hexagonal holes in the bottom plate.

Step 2

Slide the two smaller side-plates into the bottom plate.

Step 3

Snap a big side-plate into place.

Step 4

Do the same for the other side, completing the module's plastic frame.

Step 5

Snap the LED matrix PCB into the module. The module is finished!

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