System architecture

This article is intended for advanced users only.

The figure above shows a schematic overview of the OpsoroHAT electronics architecture. The board has the following features:

  • ATmega328 microcontroller which communicates with the Raspberry Pi over SPI.
  • A 16 channel servo controller (PCA9685) with beefy power traces.
  • A Power MOSFET to enable or disable all servos.
  • An I2S soundcard with a 5W mono class-D amplifier, to be used with a 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker.
  • A 12 channel capacitive touch controller (MPR121).
  • A power connector for back-powering the Raspberry Pi. (No more cutting up USB cables!)
  • Support for NeoPixel LEDs
  • A I2C expansion header with signals translated to 5V logic, convenient for hooking up arduino-compatible I2C devices
  • A 4-channel analog sensor input.
  • Protection circuitry: TVS diodes, reverse polarity protection, etc.

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