Turn module

The turn module contains a single micro-size servo motor, and can be used as a general building block for designing social robots. For instance, the turn module can be used to implement an eyebrow with a single DOF. The module can be mounted either straight or perpendicular to the grid using 2 M3x10 cap screws.

Parts needed

Tools needed


Assembly instructions

Step 1

Insert two M3 nuts into the small clips.

Step 2

Snap the small clips into the side plates of the module.

Step 3

Insert an M3 nut into the middle plate of the module.

Step 4

Carefully slide the middle plate into the bottom plate, taking care that the nut stays in place

Step 5

Snap the side plate into position. Mind the orientation: the three protrusions should be near the back plate.

Step 6

Snap the top plate into place. The plate is asymmetric; the cutout for the servo cable should be to the right, as shown in the picture.

Step 7

Snap the other side-plate into place. Again, pay attention to the orientation of the protrusions.

Step 8

Insert the servo and attach it using the included screws. The cable of the servo should be on the same side as the notch in the opening. The module is now ready for use!

Step 9 (optional)

Optional: Use the servo tester to put the servo in a neutral position, and then attach the servo horn using the included screw.

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