Connecting via WiFi

If everything was configured correctly, the Raspberry Pi should create a WiFi hotspot OPSORO_Robot at startup. The default password is opsoro123. This network gives you access the robot's web interface.

Once connected to the network, open a browser and go to http://opsoro.local. If you configured the DHCP and DNS server correctly, then should also work.

You will be presented with a login screen, the default password is opsoro123. The main interface lets you control the robot through a number of apps.


Not working? Don't panic. Here are some tips to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

  • To begin, make sure you are connected to the correct network! Some laptops and phones have a tendency to automatically switch between WiFi networks, and this can cause issues.

  • The web interface can also be accessed by entering the IP-address in your browser, which is

  • The opsoro.local address only works on computers that have Bonjour. If you are using OS X or have iTunes installed, you already have Bonjour. Bonjour can also be downloaded here.

  • If the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet via ethernet, the hotspot will also give its users internet access. Additionally, the web interface will be accessible from the parent network using the opsoro.local address.

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